Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

On behalf of everyone at TTAS Co., Ltd, I would like to thank you for visiting TTAS (Toyota Aye & Sons) website.

Aye & Sons Ltd., was established in 1958 as a sole agent for Toyota Motor Corporation in Myanmar Market. Since then, Aye & Sons Ltd. has been giving quality service to Toyota vehicles over 40 years. In 1996 Aye & Sons Ltd. and Toyota Tsusho Corporation formed joint venture company and TTAS Co. Ltd.  (Toyota Aye & Sons) was established.

TTAS functions include providing Repair and Maintenance for motor vehicles and supplying genuine Toyota spare parts while it’s local partner sells Toyota brand new vehicles.

TTAS Co. Ltd is committed to the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction for Toyota owners by operating according to the exacting international standards maintained by Toyota.

Quality and customer service are what distinguished us from others. We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their requirements. Customers like you are actually the foundation of our business success and we want you to know how much we appreciate your loyalty.

Our customer service, especially in the after sales phase, guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. In line with this strategy, we ask you to share with us your feedback at any time, be it positive or negative. There is always room for improvement, so if we can serve you better in anyway, please do inform us.

Thank you again for visiting TTAS website. Looking forward to having you as one of our valued customers for many years to come.

We are looking forward to serving you and it is always a pleasure serving you

Yours faithfully,

Aye Zaw


TTAS Co., Ltd.

We value the CUSTOMER and show this by:

– Being honest in our dealings with them.

– Rendering service quickly and correctly.

– Being courteous to them all the time.

– Complying with our commitments to them.

– Keeping our facilities friendly, clean, safe and well-maintained.

We value EXCELLENCE and QUALITY and show this by:

– Being punctual in everything we do.

– Doing your work right the first time.

– Following the 5’s principles.

  • 5S : Sorting,  Setting-in-Order,  Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining the Discipline

– Continuously searching for areas of improvement.

We value our TEAM MEMBERS and show this by:

– Giving fair compensation and benefits.

– Respecting family needs.

– Providing clean and safe working environment and a pleasant work atmosphere.

– Recognizing and rewarding excellent performances.

– Privately correcting mistakes and providing training to improve performance.

– Following due process before rendering judgment.