Periodical Maintenance

1. What is Periodical Maintenance of a vehicle ?

Periodical Maintenance is described as performing service / replacement and inspection / testing of a vehicle at specified intervals according to the maintenance schedule in owner’s manual. The service interval for scheduled maintenance is determined by odometer reading or time interval, whichever comes first.

2. Why is Periodical Maintenance necessary for your vehicle?

Proper maintenance will help ensure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life of your Toyota vehicle. To maintain your Toyota vehicle in top driving condition, it is important to have it inspected and serviced periodically in accordance with the maintenance services listed in your Owner’s Manual.

3. Benefit of Periodic Maintenance

Our periodic maintenance comprises from 28 to 58-point detailed inspection and adjustments package based on mileage and package type.

In these packages basically include engine, engine coolant, brake fluid, fuel filter, air filter, transmission oil, spark plugs, tightening nuts and bolts on body and chassis, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical components, chassis and body, change of engine oil and oil filter, road tests and a detailed inspection report varies on the maintenance package required for vehicle.

Proper maintenance will ensure higher performance, better reliability with better fuel economy, longer life and better chance to get higher resale value.

As Toyota Technicians and Mechanics are continuously monitoring information from dealer network to improve product for keeping the vehicles at its optimum level, TOYOTA provides with updates if your vehicles need to get necessary service at our dealer, Toyota Aye & Sons.

And also, our technicians and dealers are keep updated and trained with necessary skill sets and knowledge which are required to carried out with specifications set by TOYOTA.

Periodical Maintenance Service

Every 5, 000 km Maintenance/Replacement for Engine Oil and related items.
Every 10, 000 km Maintenance/Replacement for Engine Oil and related items.
Every 20, 000 km Maintenance/Replacement for Engine Oil, Brake Fluid and related items.
Every 40, 000 km Maintenance/Replacement for Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid and related items.