CSR with Leithwei Gym (Dream Train Youth Development Home)

TTAS collaborated with Phoenix Leithwei gym, Dream Train Youth Development Home and Live The Dream media and conducted online Leithwei training class on 17th Jan ’21.

Due to the COVID-19, activity was done via online. Children participated from their orphanage and TTAS members participated from their homes.

Total around 120 children from Dream Train Youth Development Home participated and all the participants enjoyed the event.

The activity was inclusive of warming up exercises, Leithwei exercises taught by the Leithwei trainers, encouragement speech to the children, etc.

 Live The Dream media recorded the footages and filmed it.

Key objective of the CSR activity was

·   Contribute to the children from orphanage school via Leithwei (one of the Myanmar traditional sports) which can be beneficial for the fitness and health.

 *Dream Train Youth Development Home: located in North Dagon Township, Yangon.