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You can also contact us by phone

Tel : (01) 540 740 , 09 883 486 028
Opening Hour : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Mon – Sat)
Close : Sunday and Public Holidays


  • Make Booking

    Call our showroom (Tel : (01) 540 740 – Sales Department) or submit the Trade-In Request at the bottom of this page.

  • Inspection

    Come to our Showroom for the inspection. Inspection takes 1 hour, and Free Of Charge.

  • Bidding

    Wait for 4 working days, and we Toyota Aye & Sons will collect bids from more than 10 potential buyers.

  • Price Announcement

    Our Trade-In staff will inform you the bidding results and the highest offer price. The price is valid for 3 days.

    • If you are satisfied with the offer price: proceed for setting the delivery date.
    • If you are not satisfied with the offer price: just deny. It is still Free Of Charge.
  • Delivery

    Bring your car to Toyota Aye & Sons, and receive the money in exchange with your car.

    *Note: some buyers may request to conduct vehicle registration checking.


  • Free Of Charge

    You have nothing to pay. You can just try it out for free.

  • Time Saving

    Toyota Aye & Sons will be your only contact. We will contact and negotiate with 10+ potential buyers on your behalf.

  • Higher Selling Prices

    Toyota Aye & Sons will collect buying offers from 10+ buyers. You can just select the highest bid among all.

Toyota Aye and Sons provides used car trade in services that we inspect your car, collect buying offers from 10+ Car Sales Centers / Used Car Brokers, and let the seller take the buying offer with the highest price.

Feel free to contact us from the form below, or by phone (Tel : (01) 540 740) , 09 883 486 028.